Mountain microbes

The mountain microbes are a free alternative to EM, a stable microbial community that includes autotrophic and heterotrophic bacteria, yeasts and other .



The mixture gets into a sealed container until it is completely full. Remove all the air to the container and store in the dark with exhaust gases, but without it from oxygen . Alcoholic fermentation is achieved with molasses or sugar , which favors the predominance of yeasts. Produces ethanol and CO2. Lactic fermentation is done with buttermilk, which favors lactic acid bacteria. Produces lactic acid .

Prepare sourdough

Inoculum : 20 kg forest land Substrate: 40 kg bran ( rice better ) Power Source: 8 kg molasses or sugar Water ( 30 L ) Mix everything . Ferment 30 days. The final moisture content should be 30 % approx. (a little drier than the compost) . Expires after one year.

Reproduce sourdough

5kg sourdough 100 kg compost 8 kg molasses or sugar Water ( 30 L ) Ferment 30 days.

liquid MM

3 kg sourdough 2 kg molasses or sugar ( alcoholic fermentation ) / whey ( f. lactic ) 100 L water Mix everything and fermented 5-10 days (in this case, fill the container at all) . Dilute .

solid fertilizer

5kg sourdough 100 kg compost Mix well and apply directly to the soil .

liquid Fertilizer

10 kg sourdough 100 L water 8 L Whey 8 kg molasses or sugar 4 L MM liquid 3 kg mineral (ash , dust, granite or basalt, etc. . ) Is not recommended to use limestone, by low mineral diversity. Fermented mixed and 30 days. Dilute 3 - 10% .

edible MM

1 kg sourdough 4 kg saved 1/2 kg honey Mix everything and fermented 15 days. You can add a tablespoon at a meal.

MM beverage (earth cider) (beta version :careful!)

1 kg sourdough 4 kg saved 1/2 kg honey Mix everything and fermented 15 days. Filtered to remove traces of soil , more honey (optional ) is added and becomes about 10 days to ferment . The final aspect is amber , and knows like cider. The level of gas and alcohol depends on the conditions of the second fermentation .


  • agricultural fertilizer
  • Animal Feed
  • Regeneration of the intestinal flora
  • General cleaning
  • Metal Cleaning
  • fungicide


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