We need an incubator for almost all our projects (slime molds, forest microbes, bioelectrogeneration, and water quality measurement). So this is the first piece of equipment that we try to build for the Biolab. We discussed the designa and started to acquire the materials.

Paula Pin suggested this design:

Design A

Biopablo suggested this design:

Design B

We tried to combine these two designs for something appropriate to our needs and the materials we have.

Incubator outside Incubator inside


  • 0€ styrofoam box, dimensions: FIXME
  • 24.45€ “Fuego” electronic heater pad (made to keep old people warm) Ref: 3100515
  • 64.67€ Velleman K2649 programmable thermostat with manual

    • includes power supply
    • regulates between -50℃ and 150℃
    • hysteresis 0.2℃ to 10℃
    • button to switch between two target temperature settings
    • relay output: 240V/3A max
    • dimensions: 124x62x64mm
    • temperature display
    • relay on/off led indicator
    • timer
    • digital readout of target and current temperature
  • nitro-celluloz filters 0.45 microns, 45cm

  • thermoresistor: electrical pillow

  • Raspberry Pi

  • SDHC card, min. 4G
  • USB power supply
  • LM35 three-legged temperature sensor
  • 1.7€ thermoresistor x2


This is how it heats up:

Incubator's thermodynamics